How important it is for children to catch up on lost growth

I feel that it’s very important for children to catch up on lost growth. The reasons being that if they are puny and tiny when they become adults, there can be feelings of inferiority, they can be bullied and taken advantage of etc.

My dad is 6 ft tall and my mom is half a foot shorter than him. I’m not as tall as my dad (am just 5 ft 7″ tall) not because mom’s genes were dominant. It was because dad had three kids to support and I didn’t get the nutrition that I needed during my formative years to become as tall as him. He worked for a company which was a bad paymaster and even today I’m paying for this decision of his to stick with that company for a long time.

Later when we did have money, it was too late. By eating whatever products money could buy at that point, which were beyond our reach when I was little, I could gain weight but not height.

I too have to be blamed for the height that I have now. I didn’t eat all that was set before me. My taste buds rejected most veggies and milk. I poured the glass of milk which mom offered for breakfast, down the sink, without her knowing, if my siblings were not in the mood on a particular day, to have it just before we left for school.

When I worked on a ship 14 years ago, there were many Americans on board. Most of them were tall. It appeared like they were descendants of Goliath – a giant mentioned in the Bible. When I stood beside them I felt small like Lilliput from Gulliver’s Travels. I wished then, while on-board, that our financial situation was good when I was a kid. I wished that mom had gone to work too by accepting the job offers which were waiting for her since she was a qualified school teacher. Her three kids would have survived with a babysitter just like thousands of kids have survived when both their parents worked outside.

I wished that dad had gone to the Gulf like most of his friends so we could have a higher standard of living which meant access to all the necessary food products and supplements. Till the day I die, I’ll regret the fact that I could not be as tall as many people I know or as tall as dad.

Fortunately my 1 yr old son eats everything we offer to him.

But my eldest daughter who’ll be 6 years old  this October doesn’t. I want her to become tall. As tall as her mom who is as tall as me. If not as tall as her maternal granddad who is as tall as her paternal granddad.

There is a bump on the road which can stop her from reaching the destination which I want her to. She had inherited my taste buds and therefore doesn’t eat everything.
No amount of coaxing by me or threats by her mom can change her mind.

There is money with us to buy food products which are good for her. But her taste buds have to approve the products.

Like father, like daughter. Our taste buds are picky. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Fortunately, she likes to drink chocolate Horlicks and Bournvita and eat the brown powder too.

If her mom opens the jar and sees that the level of powder in it has gone down, it’s because the rat who has eaten it is none other than our daughter.

I am pleased to know that there’s a product in the market called Horlicks Growth+ to help children in the age group of 3-9 years to attain their potential height and weight.
I’m going to buy it and give it to my daughter now as Horlicks is a trusted brand which has been around for generations. I hope that it tastes as good as chocolate Horlicks so my daughter gulps it down as a drink or eats it with a large table spoon as a powder.

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38 reasons God doesn’t listen to our prayers

There are times when no matter how long or loud or often we pray, God doesn’t listen (Isaiah 1:15 – The Message).
Because of sin He turns His face away from us and does not listen anymore (Isaiah 59:2 – Living Bible). Our sins are the roadblock between us and our God. That’s why He doesn’t answer our prayers or let you see His face (Isaiah 59:2 – Contemporary English Version). Since we constantly reject and push God away, He has to turn aside and ignore our cries (Isaiah 59:2 – The Voice).
If we genuinely repent, God will forgive, making our blood-red sins, snow-white (Isaiah 1:18-20 – The Message)! Then He will hear the sound of our weeping and answer with grace (Isaiah 30:19 – The Voice).

God doesn’t hear prayers when…

1) Our hands are those of murderers; covered with the blood of our innocent victims (Isaiah 1:15 – Living Bible).

2) We tear people to pieces (Isaiah 1:15 – The Message).

3) Our fingers are drenched with iniquity (Isaiah 1:15 – International Standard Version), sticky with all manner of crimes (Isaiah 59:3 – The Voice), filthy with sin (Isaiah 59:3 – Living Bible) and dripping with guilt (Isaiah 59:3 – The Message).

4) We are too violent (Isaiah 1:15 – Contemporary English Version).

5) Our feet race to do evil; to shed innocent blood (Isaiah 59:7 – The Voice).

6) Our thoughts are bent toward injustice (Isaiah 59:7 – The Voice) / our thoughts are thoughts of iniquity (Isaiah 59:7 – World English Bible).

7) We think only about sinning (Isaiah 59:7 – New Living Translation).

8) We don’t speak up for the right (Isaiah 59:4 – The Message).

9) We don’t deal fairly (Isaiah 59:4 – The Message).
10) We plan to abuse others (Isaiah 59:13 – Contemporary English Version).

11) Our tongue mutters all manner of wickedness (Isaiah 59:3 – The Voice) and obscenities (Isaiah 59:3 – The Message).

12) Our lips are full of lies, and our mouth spews corruption (Isaiah 59:3 – New Living Translation).

13) We don’t care about being fair and honest (Isaiah 59:4 – New Living Translation).

14) All our activity is filled with sin, and violence is our trademark (Isaiah 59:6 – New Living Translation).

15) We weave wickedness and hatch violence (Isaiah 59:6 – The Message).

16) We compete in the race to do evil (Isaiah 59:7 – The Message).

17) We plan and plot evil, think and breathe evil (Isaiah 59:7 – The Message).

18) We don’t care about being fair and true (Isaiah 59:4 – Living Bible).

19) We spend our time and energy in spinning evil plans that end up in deadly actions (Isaiah 59:5 – Living Bible).

20) We cheat and shortchange everyone (Isaiah 59:6 – Living Bible).

21) Everything we do is filled with sin (Isaiah 59:6 – Living Bible).

22) Wherever we go we leave behind a trail of misery and death (Isaiah 59:7 – Living Bible) and cause ruin and destruction (Isaiah 59:7 – International Children’s Bible).

23) We accuse others falsely and cause trouble (Isaiah 59:4 – International Children’s Bible).

24) We use our hands to hurt others (Isaiah 59:6 – International Children’s Bible).

25) We think evil thoughts (Isaiah 59:7 – International Children’s Bible).

26) We don’t know what it means to be just and good (Isaiah 59:8 – New Living Translation).

27) We map out crooked roads (Isaiah 59:8 – New Living Translation).

28) We don’t know the way of peace (Isaiah 59:8 – World English Bible).

29) There is no justice in our ways (Isaiah 59:8 – World English Bible).

30) We don’t know how to live in peace (Isaiah 59:8 – Easy-to-Read Version).

31) We don’t to do what is right and fair (Isaiah 59:8 – Easy-to-Read Version).

32) We are crooked (Isaiah 59:8 – Easy-to-Read Version).

33) Our sins are piled up before God (Isaiah 59:12 – New Living Translation).

34) We disobey God (Isaiah 59:13 – International Children’s Bible).

35) We conceive and utter lies in our hearts (Isaiah 59:13 – GOD’S WORD Translation).

36) We don’t follow our God (Isaiah 59:13 – The Message).

37) We oppress others (Isaiah 59:13 – Good News Translation).

38) Our hearts are deceitful (Isaiah 59:13 – Contemporary English Version).

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Giving themselves for the benefit of others

In 2015 I was impressed by the wonderful and effective work of a special organization called Mission Rabies.

Rabies is a fatal disease which is very painful. Once a human is bitten by a rabied dog and symptoms appear it’s just a matter of time before the Grim Reaper appears. Death in most cases is certain!

According to Wikipedia, rabies causes about 26,000 to 55,000 deaths worldwide per year and more than 95% of rabies deaths occur in Africa and Asia.

The volunteers of this NGO have taken it upon themselves to ensure that people in India (and abroad) don’t suffer and die of rabies anymore. So they systematically go from village to village, district to district and from state to state to give anti rabies injections to both stray and domestic dogs. “Prevention is better than cure” is the old adage that they are following.

I saw them in action in Goa where I live.

It’s not easy to catch a stray dog even with a net in hand. Nor is it easy to give an injection to a dog if it’s aggressive. But volunteers with Mission Rabies have done just that – risking their lives in all kinds of weather and locations to do their work faithfully. They handle the dogs gently without causing them stress.
What’s good is that they give doses free of charge by purchasing injections from donations made by generous people. Their aim is to eliminate rabies from the world by 2030. May they achieve that goal!

Most of their volunteers are young people. It’s because of their vision, the sacrifices they make and the hard work that they put it, that innocent people will not perish through this deadly disease in the future.
All it takes is few committed young people to do something worthwhile that has a nation / world-wide effect! It inspires you to do something similar!




MR 11

MR 10

MR 9

MR 8

MR 7

MR 6

MR 2

MR 5

Images courtesy the Mission Rabies website (
Video courtesy the Mission Rabies YouTube Channel (

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Things that I do in the morning

I’m a morning person so I wake up early.

These are some of the things that I usually do…

1) Spending time worshiping God
I kneel and worship God the Creator of this entire universe. If He did not exist in eternity past none of us would be here and this world would not be here. I worship Him for being Almighty and All knowing. I thank Him for creating me and for taking care of all my needs. I also thank Him for being merciful and forgiving me when I disobey Him and for making all circumstances work out for my good, even the ones which look bad while I’m going through them.

2) Reading the Bible
God has left a guide book for me to read so I can live properly in this world. It’s a book through which God speaks to me daily heart to heart. It tells me what I need to do and what I shouldn’t do. The stories of people in this big book containing 66 books warn and encourage.

3) Discovering and learning old Christian hymns on YouTube
I thank God for the internet. It’s because of the web that I can learn so many hymns which were written in the last century by godly men and women who lived so close to God that He used them to write wonderful hymns of worship, prayer and encouragement. The timeless wordings that they penned can’t be found in modern hymns.

4) Baby sitting
I’m not a pro at baby sitting but I try. While my wife cooks breakfast for our kindergarten going 5 yr old daughter (for her to have at home and to carry to her school in her tiffin), I do my best to keep our 5 months old son occupied. He has learnt to recognize dad and now seems to enjoy having dad beside him. When I smile at him, he smiles back at me.

5) Helping my daughter get ready for school
I help my daughter wear her dress, socks and shoes. She has still not learnt how to wear her socks. Nor has she learnt to wear shoes correctly. I comb her hair too.

6) Enjoying breakfast
My wife is a fast cook. She can prepare stuff quickly. She’s a fast learner and is therefore able to pick up recipes from YouTube channels. I enjoy eating what she prepares. There are times when I enjoy stuff bought from local Goan restaurants like our pav bhaji which is different from the bhaji found elsewhere in the country.


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