Few Roman Catholic teachings compared with the Bible

1. When the Magi from the East found Jesus,
They fell down, and worshiped Him, because of His Divine status.

We don’t read that they worshiped His parents as well.
Even if they had tried to do that, then, them, His humble parents would surely tell,

“Don’t do that! We’re only humans!
Worship only God who has created all of us – the earth’s inhabitants!”

2. It’s true that a son can’t enter the world, without a mother,
But Jesus existed, long before His mother became an earth dweller.

He had existed for all eternity past, and was actually her Creator.
He decided the family, year and place she should be born in, and to make her poor,

And He decided that He would enter the world in her womb, when she was still a virgin,
Because she was humble, and wouldn’t snap, even if her baby would be born in a cattle cabin.

3. Mary addressed God as her Savior,
And offered a sacrifice to Him, because she considered herself to be a sinner, by nature and behavior.

Her soul magnified the Lord, for the great things He had done for her, and she considered herself to be merely a servant.
When a woman in a crowd raised her voice and said to Jesus (in order to make Mary look significant),

“Blessed is the womb that carried You, and the breasts at which You nursed,”
He said, “Even more, those who hear the word of God and keep it are blessed!”

4. Joseph did not consummate their marriage, till Mary had given birth to Jesus, Who is called her “first-born” son, specifically,
Coz after that, she gave birth to four more sons, and at least two daughters, naturally.

Once, someone told Him that His mother and brothers wanted to speak to Him, while He was busy teaching,
He didn’t go to them, by leaving the crowd, by Himself for few minutes excusing,

Instead He asked who His mother and brothers were? And pointing to His disciples continued,
That those who did the will of His Father in heaven, were His brother and sister and mother, truly valued!

5. Christ Jesus, is the only mediator between God and men.
That excludes all others – Jesus’ mother and all saints who have departed, even if you pray to them, and say “Amen!”

We need to pray to the Father in Jesus’ name alone,
If we want our prayers to be heard, coz He’s the only One who came our sins to atone.

In the New Testament, we see glimpses of heaven,
But we don’t see Mary sitting, beside God, interceding for the people on earth, like our Saviour Who’s Risen.

6. When the wine at a wedding ran out, and His mother told Him about it,
Jesus asked her why she told Him about that, as His time for miracles had not yet come, on that visit.

He did a miracle, only after He was prompted by the Holy Spirit,
Of turning the water into wine, so the wedding guests could benefit.

“Do whatever He tells you to,” Mary told the servants,
Her command is disobeyed by millions (even though Jesus has said that no one can go to the Father except through Him), cause they choose to be deviants.

7. After death, human spirits can go, either to heaven or to hell.
There is no second chance given to the spirits, to escape from hell, even if they for God’s mercy plead or yell.

It doesn’t matter how much money is given to the church, or how many prayers are offered for the deceased family members.
Eternal life is a free gift, and if people choose not to receive it while on earth, the Holy Spirit repeatedly gives them offers,

Then they are sent to hell, after death, and not to purgatory – a place not found anywhere in the Bible.
To make a lot of money, by satisfying the feelings of grieving family members, purgatory was invented by the Church – it’s a fable!

8. The Bible is clear from cover to cover,
That the worship of any image made, of any living being, is hated by God, and should not be done – ever!

Since God is Spirit, Whom no one has seen, He wants us to worship Him, in spirit and in truth.
We shouldn’t use pictures or images, made by artists or sculptors, to aid us in worship or faith.

Cause we have the Bible to tell us, about all His great qualities,
So we can worship Him for His great attributes, and praise Him for His beauties.

9. Only God can forgive sins.
So when we sin, we need to go to Him directly, to be rid of these deadly toxins.

And not to any man, as all men are sinners.
By birth and by actions, and to forgive sins, don’t have any powers!

If we have sinned against our fellow men, then we need to ask for their forgiveness.
And after doing that, go to Him, Who can cleanse us from all our sins, which we committed because of selfishness.

10. Jesus spoke against the Pharisees of His day,
Because they broke God’s commandments, for the sake of their traditions, and thought that was okay.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and He hasn’t changed His view on this today.
And condemns those who add to the Bible, or subtract from it, due to spiritual decay!

And expects people to cross-check with the Bible, all the traditions which they have received,
And see to it, that those ones which are not in line, with the teachings of the Bible, are rejected.

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Stanza 8
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Stanza 10
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This poem was completed by me (Rommel Fernandes) on 7th April, 2018.

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Spiritual blessings God has blessed us with (According to Ephesians Chapter 1)

Ephesians 1:4
Stanza 1: God chose us in Christ long before He laid the earth’s foundations,
To be His own and to be just like Him – holy people having loving emotions.
If He wanted to, He could have created us as inanimate objects or animals – for example, as dung-eating pigs,
But He chose to make us intelligent human beings who could live righteously and produce fruits (figs).
Since we know this, we shouldn’t behave anymore like animals: like dogs who run after bitches,
Instead, we should strive to remain holy and please Him by obeying all that the Bible teaches.

Ephesians 1:4
Stanza 2: God loved us so much that He decided to sacrifice His only beloved Son,
To save us from eternal death, from getting charred in hell, like a badly burnt bun.
He could have left us to howl, by giving us our just due,
But, no! He cared for us a lot and decided to send His son, our miserable souls to rescue.
Knowing this, we should not be sinning by lustfully sniffing, sexually fantasizing and those who are not our spouses mating,
And should for Him in purity be living, and forever His goodness praising.

Ephesians 1:5
Stanza 3: God decided to adopt us, long long ago, as His children,
For this to happen His son Jesus had to be mercilessly beaten black and blue and forsaken.
Thanks to Him, we are now the children of the most important Person in this universe.
Who have access to Him 24/7, and can therefore at anytime of the day or night, with Him converse,
Knowing this, we should always as His children be behaving.
And should never, by our deeds, His name be tarnishing.

Ephesians 1:7
Stanza 4: God redeemed us through His Son’s blood,
If He hadn’t, our fate would have been like that of the people of Noah’s day, who perished in the flood.
He is now our loving Owner,
Who unlike the devil or our worldly employers, is not a hard task Master.
So we should for as long as we live, lovingly and faithfully serve Him.
And not with the people of the world who want to coax us to sin, or with the devil swim.

Ephesians 1:7
Stanza 5: God has given us complete pardon for our sins, which plagued us after the Fall,
Now there is no guilt feeling for any of our past sins – big or small.
Even if we were rotten rogues in the past, now, because we are in Jesus Christ, there is no condemnation,
Only God’s goodness is our portion.
So we should not take advantage of God’s kindness, mercy or grace.
And buffet our body as we run the Christian race.

Ephesians 1:9
Stanza 6: God has made known to us, the mystery (top secret) of His will,
The plans which He, in His time, is going to fulfill.
We know of the glorious future, which for us He has prepared,
And unlike those in the world, have no reason to be scared.
So we shouldn’t disappoint this God, who has given us so much respect,
And constantly purify ourselves, being good examples for people in this world, while waiting for the Lord to come back for His elect.

Ephesians 1:11
Stanza 7: God has given us an incorruptible eternal inheritance,
We are His heirs, joint-heirs with Christ – what level of acceptance!
And will reign with Christ on the earth in the future.
We are set to inherit everything that is His – for covetousness isn’t this is a wonderful cure?
So we shouldn’t whine, if we’ve not been left any earthly inheritance, by our poor fathers, or fight over property we’ve been cheated of by fox-like relatives,
Instead we should totally forgive them, pray for their salvation and talk about them using good adjectives.

Ephesians 1:13-14
Stanza 8: God has sealed us with the Holy Spirit,
About God’s promise-keeping trustworthiness, He’s an affidavit,
He dwells in us, helps us, teaches us and saves us from deception.
He comforts us, when we are going through a difficult situation,
So we should see to it, that we don’t make Him sad,
By behaving as mad as a hatter, by doing things that are bad.

Ephesians 1:19-21
Stanza 9: God has given us the same power, which raised Jesus from the dead,
To live a victorious life, while this world’s terrain we tread.
There is no giant that we cannot kill,
If obeying all of God’s commands gives us a thrill.
So we should daily live a victorious Christian life,
And not degrade ourselves to living a beast-like lascivious life or one of strife.

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Stanza 6
Line 1: Ephesians 1:9
Line 2: The Book of Revelation
Line 3: The Book of Revelation
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Stanza 7
Line 1: Ephesians 1:11
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Stanza 8
Line 1: Ephesians 1:13; 4:30
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Stanza 9
Line 1: Ephesians 1:19-21
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Line 6: 2 Peter 2:12-14; James 4:1

This poem was completed by me (Rommel Fernandes) on 5th April, 2018.

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Reasons why Jesus came to earth

1. He, the Good Shepherd, came to give His life as a ransom for all,
For His sheep, Who were hopelessly doomed because of the Fall.

He died as a substitute in our place,
Suffering God’s wrath for the sins of the entire human race.

And rescued us from the tyrannical rule of darkness,
God’s wrath, and from hell where the suffering would have been endless.

2. He, Who is Life, came to give eternal life to those of this planet’s peoples,
Who believe in Him, hear His voice and follow Him as faithful disciples,

Who put knowing God and loving Him above all things,
And also staunchly love their neighbors as themselves, without mood swings.

Who choose to walk on the God-charted narrow way,
Of holiness, self-denial, and enduring myriad trials day after day.

3. He, the Prince of Peace came down, peace to us to give,
With God – we no longer need fear His wrath, but now as His friends can live.

And peace with each other,
So in love and humility we can harmoniously live and work together.

And peace in all circumstances.
Since all things work for the good of us who love God, we can give thanks to Him in every situation, with our voices.

4. He, Who never sinned when He was tempted, came to give us victory over sin.
With His help, we can take hold of every thought, making it obey Him and not let temptation lead us to ruin.

When we are tempted by our evil desires,
We can use the God-given escape hatch, every time, and do only what He from us requires.

By submitting to God, using His word and not loving our lives, we can resist the devil who was defeated on the cross,
And can overcome the world by trusting Jesus to help us, and by sending our prayers across.

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Stanza 4
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Line 6: 1 John 5:4 – AMPC and TLB; Hebrews 7:25; 4:16

This poem was completed by me (Rommel Fernandes) on a Good Friday (30th March, 2018)

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The humility of my Lord (Jesus Christ)

1. He, the Mighty and Immutable God, Who fills everything,
Gave up everything, even His place with God as an equal Being,

And reduced Himself, to become, in Mary’s womb, a microscopic cell,
And came out as a vulnerable baby Who had to, for a period, as a refugee in Egypt dwell.

And went through innumerable inconveniences to save us humans from our terrible plights!
The Holy Spirit’s help is needed by haughty Christians so they can humble themselves and not stubbornly hold on to their rights.

2. He, the pure (flawless) Lamb without contamination, chose to descend through ancestors who from a heathen background came,
Grandmothers like Tamar who committed incest with her father-in-law, and a Canaanite prostitute – Rahab by name,

Ruth the Moabitess who descended from an incestuous one night stand between Lot and his elder daughter, Bathsheba the Hittite who committed adultery,
To show that He came to accept all, if they repented, whatever their background or level of debauchery.

The Holy Spirit’s help is needed by racist Christians (who even though they know that all human beings came from the same man Adam, boast about their ancestry,
And choose marriage partners who come only from “good” families from their own caste), so they can be saved from bigotry.

3. He, the King of kings, chose to be born in a dirty place where domestic animals live,
Coz He came to save us dirty human beings who are repulsive,

And as a newborn baby was laid by His mom in a feeding trough from which cattle eat,
Coz He was the Living Bread Whom anyone in this world could eat, to live forever and with Him in heavenly places seat.

His choice of His place of birth, showed how much He despised worldly things.
The Holy Spirit’s help is needed by worldly Christians so they don’t love the things of the world nor have worldly yearnings.

4. He the Omnipresent God, chose to stay for most of His earthly life in Nazareth – a despised village,
Working hard as a carpenter, to give Mary His mother enough money, for the daily needs of their large family, to manage.

The local synagogue was good enough for Him and He didn’t need to study in a “prestigious” school like that run by Gamaliel,
We don’t hear of any complaints from Him about the “quality” of His life due to poverty or lack of any earthly material,

Even after rising from the dead, as “Jesus of Nazareth” He identified Himself.
The Holy Spirit’s help is needed, so you can cease to be a choosy Christian, who’s avoiding serving Him in remote villages, bcoz you love your children and yourself.

5. He, Who was the most important person to ever walk on this earth, Who dwelt in light that no man could approach,
Could be met, no matter how tired He was, by people at any time of the day or night, a problem to resolve or a spiritual subject to broach,

He was never “busy” for anyone and even His “free” time was used to serve others as a deliverer,
He never complained about a work related “burnout,” nor demanded a Mediterranean holiday from His Heavenly Father.

The Holy Spirit’s help is needed by irritable Christians so they don’t snap when approached at odd hours for prayer, or counselling,
And by those who shamelessly demand, when visiting a house for a prayer of “deliverance,” an appearance fee as an offering.

6. He, the Creator of this whole universe, slept many a nights not even in an ordinary inn, but under a tree,
Coz He gave all the money that came for His ministry to meet the needs of His disciples from Galilee,

And to take care of the people He cared a lot about – the poor,
The only earthly things He had were the clothes He wore.

The Holy Spirit’s help is needed by tight-fisted Christians so they don’t hoard money, help the needy and don’t waste money on themselves in buying expensive things to impress people,
So they can be rich in good works of extravagant generosity (storing up treasure for themselves for the coming age), and content with leading a life that is simple.

7. He, the King of kings, chose to walk large distances, and only on one occasion do we read of Him sitting on a donkey,
He would have refused the “gift,” even if a wealthy follower had wanted to buy a chariot for Him, with money,

Bcoz His conscience would not have permitted Him to sit comfortably on an animal, while His followers in the scorching sun walked,
He had come to serve people and not to act like a worldly maharaja – self centred.

The Holy Spirit’s help is needed by self-centred Christians so they don’t think only of their own welfare / comforts,
And cease buying expensive cars from money donated for gospel work or from their own hard-earned money, and stop labeling those who point this out as spoilsports.

8. He the Creator of everyone and everything, had no physical beauty to attract attention, because He decided to be born like that,
He gave glory for all the miracles that He did, to Him, Who on a throne in heaven sat,

And deflected praise directed to Him to God,
And daily the path of self-denial trod,

The Holy Spirit’s help is needed by proud Christians so they don’t admire their beauty like Lucifer, bcoz they’re photogenic,
And by glory hunters who seek their own glory, and have no desire to glorify God through their lives – something tragic!

9. He the Almighty, kept quiet when people insulted Him by calling Him bad names and did not retaliate,
And quickly forgave those who crucified Him and heartlessly continued to laugh and berate,

He washed the dirty feet of His disciples when they were unwilling to stoop to do such a menial job,
And gave a second chance to a disciple who betrayed Him and to all those who abandoned Him when He was captured by a mob!

He once even prepared breakfast for His disciples consisting of bread and fish,
The Holy Spirit’s help is needed by unforgiving Christians so they stop refusing to forgive and by bossy church leaders so they no longer lord it over those in their parish.

10. He the Immortal and Omniscient God, decided, before the world was created, to die, in due time, the most horrible death ever invented,
And allowed Himself to be crowned mockingly with a crown of thorns, and to be verbally, mentally and physically abused,

And His back to be torn with whipping, to be stripped of His clothes, to be pinned with nails to a wooden stake,
For the sins of all human beings to be laid on His sinless body and His Father’s wrath to take.

The Holy Spirit’s help is needed by nominal Christians so they don’t think of His sacrifice only during the lent season,
And cease to act like a dog returning to its vomit, committing repeatedly, throughout the year, the same sins which sent Jesus to the cross. Isn’t that treason?

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Acknowledgment: Was influenced by writers from various websites and by Zac Poonen’s articles and radio messages on the subject.

This poem was completed by me (Rommel Fernandes) on a Maundy Thursday (29th March, 2018).

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1. This world is filled with people, whose belly, is the god, they are worshiping,
Who about their shameful lifestyles (through their blogs, pics or videos), are boasting,
And are only about earthly things thinking.
But we are people, who, to heaven, are belonging,
And who should, for our Saviour Jesus, from heaven to come, be eagerly waiting.
Who our vile body, to be like His glorious body, will be transforming.

2. Are you also living to eat, and your body with food stuffing?
Then falling sick and on a bed lying?
The Lord, about your body, is caring!
He made it, so you can, Him be honoring, worshipping and serving.
So you shouldn’t let yourself become a slave to your craving,
Greedy people (food gluttons) and drunkards (liquid gluttons) won’t the kingdom of God be inheriting.

3. The Lord sent burning sulfur down like rain on Sodom, its inhabitants destroying,
Gluttony was one of the sins they were guilty of committing.
The others being pride and comfortable living,
While failing in helping the poor and needy around who were suffering.
In Luke, another apathetic rich man who was sent to hell, we are seeing, who was daily gourmet meals enjoying,
While not caring for a poor beggar called Lazarus, who was only for scraps of food from his table, longing.

4. The whole heathen world is busy about food and drink getting,
There is more to life than eating.
The kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking,
But of the righteousness, joy and peace which the Holy Spirit is giving.
Happy are those who, for doing what God requires, are hungering and thirsting,
If you serve Christ in this way, you will God be pleasing.

5. Sin entered our world because Eve, when tempted by the devil, decided on choosing,
Delightful looking food to have, and God’s given command ignoring.
Jesus on the other hand delighted in God’s will doing,
And therefore refused to listen to the devil’s suggestion, even after 40 days of fasting.
Saying that man cannot live on food alone but on every word that God is speaking.
This is how, by humbly submitting ourselves to God, we too need the devil and all temptations be resisting.

6. Job esteemed the words of God’s mouth, more than his daily food, and therefore every word He spoke, was always obeying,
Jesus’ food was to do the will of Him who had sent Him and His work completely finishing.
Even though that involved Him, in His life, obstacles, resistance, temptations and great pressures facing,
And a shameful and painful death on a cross dying.
By finishing the work which the Father had given Him to do, He ended up the Father glorifying.
Therefore, “This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy” twice people could happily hear the Father publicly testifying!

7. God bought you with a great price, so will you use your body for glory to God bringing?
By living decently and not in wild parties participating?
By not bringing shame to your Heavenly Father by gluttons as friends embracing?
Because bad company, good company will be ruining.
By not your own bodily desires pursuing,
But the Heavenly Father in your eating and drinking habits satisfying?

Stanza 1:
Line 1: Philippians 3:19 (WE)
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Stanza 6:
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Stanza 7:
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Line 5: John 6:38 (VOICE)
Line 6: John 6:38 (MSG and TPT)

This poem was completed by me (Rommel Fernandes) on 23rd February, 2018.

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Controlling the tongue

1. When insulted by someone, don’t be a person who’s tit-for-tat giving,
Remember that you have been called to be a blessing,
So a short prayer to God for their salvation or spiritual growth you should be praying,
And you yourself will be God’s blessing receiving.

2. A lying tongue, God is perpetually hating,
People who’ve lied, have ended up, their lives losing,
He who lies is a fool, for whoever rejects correction, his life is ruining,
All liars will, an eternity in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, be inheriting.

3. There must not be foolish talking or vulgar joking,
That kind of talk for believers is not fitting,
Proper use of your words you need to be making,
For what God has done for you, there should be thanksgiving.

4. Once, you, in sin’s darkness, was living,
But now the Lord has given you light for walking,
So there should no more be fooling (stumbling),
And you should as a child of light be behaving.

5. And wisely, making the most of the chances you get, for the Good News, to non Christians, telling,
Ensuring that you’re carefully, your words choosing,
As the questions they ask, you are answering.
Praying that you’ll be able, to make Christ, plain as day to them, every time your mouth, you’re opening.

6. Harmful or hateful words should no longer out of your mouth be proceeding,
But only good ones, which for the spiritual progress of others, are benefitting.
The Lord finds kind words pleasing!
So don’t make God’s Spirit sad by angrily shouting or by slandering,

7. Calm a person’s anger, by a gentle response giving,
When you hear believers gossiping and the character of other people into pieces tearing,
Tell them to stop, and teach them to to be kind and loving.
If, by heeding to your words of wisdom, they their lives are changing, won’t that for you be encouraging and satisfying?

8. Since the tongue with toxic poisons is brimming,
And can spread evil through your whole being,
Ask the Lord for grace to help you control your tongue from thoughtlessly speaking,
So you can become a person who is slow in speaking and quick in listening.

Stanza 1:
Line 1: 1 Peter 3:9
Line 2: 1 Peter 3:9 (VOICE and MSG)
Line 3: 1 Peter 3:9 (AMPC)
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Stanza 5:
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Stanza 6:
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Stanza 7:
Line 1: Proverbs 15:1 (NCV and MSG)
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Line 3: Proverbs 31:26 (ERV) and Proverbs 26:20
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Stanza 8:
Line 1: James 3:8 (VOICE)
Line 2: James 3:6 (GNT)
Line 3: Proverbs 141:3 (ICB and AMP)
Line 4: James 1:19 (PHILLIPS)

This poem was completed by me (Rommel Fernandes) on 21st February, 2018.

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True worship

1. Four living beings give glory and honor and thanks to the Great and Eternal God, Who in heaven on a throne is sitting,
By day and night exclaiming, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, the Almighty, Who was and Who is and Who is coming!” without ceasing,
On hearing them, twenty four elders sitting around God’s throne, fall down before Him, casting their crowns before His throne, singing,
“You are worthy, O Lord, to have glory, honor and power, because You created all things – yes, because of Your will they were created and came into being!”

2. We His children on earth who are dwelling,
Should worship the Lord because He’s holy, by wearing holy clothing:
A life of compassion, kindness, humility, purity, gentleness, patience, justice, forgiveness and love living.
And thus Him, our Heavenly Father intensely pleasing.

3. The Father Who’s Spirit, is for true worshippers seeking,
They must Him in spirit and truth be worshipping,
And not be like those, who in church, about loving Him, are pretending,
Having their hearts someplace else or lost to someone or something else and therefore not meaning what they are saying.

4. Like Abraham, even when it’s costly, our Father’s Word, we need to be unquestioningly obeying,
And any rival lover who takes His place in our hearts, we need to be jabbing,
And if like Daniel’s friends we have to choose between bowing down before other gods or our source of livelihood or lives losing,
We need our unflinching loyalty to our God and deep love for Him to be proving.

5. He alone is the Creator of the heavens and all the stars in the universe orbiting,
And the Creator and Sustainer of the earth and those who on it are living.
We are His people, the sheep He is with care pasturing,
We need to be bowing before Him, showing him great honor and respect, for the great and wondrous things in our lives He’s doing.

6. And need to give Him the credit for everything in our lives we are accomplishing,
In our hearts never saying, “with our own strength and skills we have achieved all this we are enjoying.”
When people around, or demons our egos are flattering,
By remembering that it is the Lord our God who gives us the strength to make a living.

7. And when like in the case of Job, God allows to be taken away what was given as a material blessing,
We need to be saying, “Lord, there is nothing upon earth that we desire besides Thee – a person so amazing!
We were born with nothing, and we will die with nothing.
You gave, and now You have taken away. Your name and infinite wisdom we are praising!”

8. Christ gave Himself to God as the perfect sacrifice so our hearts could have a complete cleansing,
And we have a place in heaven that cannot be shaken where we’ll forever Him be worshipping.
So out of gratitude, we should while we’re down here, our God with right motives be gladly serving,
Even if He has given, those of us who are His full-time servants, a remote posting.

9. And our bodies (all our members and faculties) daily as a living sacrifice to Him we should be presenting,
Our minds good and not filthy thoughts thinking,
Our eyes, our neighbor’s possessions (including wife or daughter), not coveting,
Our legs not hurrying off to do wrong or a human or an animal kicking.

Stanza 1: Revelation 4:8-11

Stanza 2:
Line 2: 1 Chronicles 16:29 (NCV and TLV) and Psalm 29:2 (AMP)
Line 3: Colossians 3:12-14 (NLT); Psalm 29:2 (NLV), and Micah 6:8 (VOICE and CJB)

Stanza 3:
Lines 1 and 2: John 4:23-24
Line 3: Isaiah 29:13 (MSG)
Line 4: Isaiah 29:13 (CEB, DRA, GNT, CEV, ERV and MSG)

Stanza 4:
Lines 1 and 2: Genesis 22
Lines 3 and 4: Daniel 3

Stanza 5:
Line 1: Nehemiah 9:6 (CEV)
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Line 4: Hebrews 12:28 (CEV); Psalm 86:9 (VOICE) and Psalm 86:10 (NLV and RSV)

Stanza 6:
Line 1: Proverbs 3:6 (VOICE) and 1 Chronicles 16:29 (VOICE)
Line 2: Deuteronomy 8:17 (NLT and NET)
Line 4: Deuteronomy 8:18 (CEV)

Stanza 7:
Lines 1, 3 and 4: Job 1:13-21
Line 2: Psalm 73:25

Stanza 8:
Line 1: Hebrews 9:14 (ERV)
Line 2: Hebrews 12:28 (WE) and Revelation 21
Line 3: Psalm 100:2 (NKJV, NOG, NIRV, NET)
Line 4: Revelation 1:9

Stanza 9
Line 1: Romans 12:1 (AMPC); Ephesians 1:4
Line 2: Philippians 4:8; Romans 12:2 and Galatians 5:19 (CEV)
Line 3: Exodus 20:17; Deuteronomy 5:21, 2 Samuel 11
Line 4: Isaiah 59:7 (CEV) and Numbers 22

This poem was completed by me (Rommel Fernandes) on 19th February, 2018.

I want to thank biblegateway.com for hosting different Bible versions, biblehub.com for giving access to many commentaries and CFC for uploading Zac Poonen’s helpful messages on YouTube.

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