38 reasons God doesn’t listen to our prayers

There are times when no matter how long or loud or often we pray, God doesn’t listen (Isaiah 1:15 – The Message).
Because of sin He turns His face away from us and does not listen anymore (Isaiah 59:2 – Living Bible). Our sins are the roadblock between us and our God. That’s why He doesn’t answer our prayers or let you see His face (Isaiah 59:2 – Contemporary English Version). Since we constantly reject and push God away, He has to turn aside and ignore our cries (Isaiah 59:2 – The Voice).
If we genuinely repent, God will forgive, making our blood-red sins, snow-white (Isaiah 1:18-20 – The Message)! Then He will hear the sound of our weeping and answer with grace (Isaiah 30:19 – The Voice).

God doesn’t hear prayers when…

1) Our hands are those of murderers; covered with the blood of our innocent victims (Isaiah 1:15 – Living Bible).

2) We tear people to pieces (Isaiah 1:15 – The Message).

3) Our fingers are drenched with iniquity (Isaiah 1:15 – International Standard Version), sticky with all manner of crimes (Isaiah 59:3 – The Voice), filthy with sin (Isaiah 59:3 – Living Bible) and dripping with guilt (Isaiah 59:3 – The Message).

4) We are too violent (Isaiah 1:15 – Contemporary English Version).

5) Our feet race to do evil; to shed innocent blood (Isaiah 59:7 – The Voice).

6) Our thoughts are bent toward injustice (Isaiah 59:7 – The Voice) / our thoughts are thoughts of iniquity (Isaiah 59:7 – World English Bible).

7) We think only about sinning (Isaiah 59:7 – New Living Translation).

8) We don’t speak up for the right (Isaiah 59:4 – The Message).

9) We don’t deal fairly (Isaiah 59:4 – The Message).
10) We plan to abuse others (Isaiah 59:13 – Contemporary English Version).

11) Our tongue mutters all manner of wickedness (Isaiah 59:3 – The Voice) and obscenities (Isaiah 59:3 – The Message).

12) Our lips are full of lies, and our mouth spews corruption (Isaiah 59:3 – New Living Translation).

13) We don’t care about being fair and honest (Isaiah 59:4 – New Living Translation).

14) All our activity is filled with sin, and violence is our trademark (Isaiah 59:6 – New Living Translation).

15) We weave wickedness and hatch violence (Isaiah 59:6 – The Message).

16) We compete in the race to do evil (Isaiah 59:7 – The Message).

17) We plan and plot evil, think and breathe evil (Isaiah 59:7 – The Message).

18) We don’t care about being fair and true (Isaiah 59:4 – Living Bible).

19) We spend our time and energy in spinning evil plans that end up in deadly actions (Isaiah 59:5 – Living Bible).

20) We cheat and shortchange everyone (Isaiah 59:6 – Living Bible).

21) Everything we do is filled with sin (Isaiah 59:6 – Living Bible).

22) Wherever we go we leave behind a trail of misery and death (Isaiah 59:7 – Living Bible) and cause ruin and destruction (Isaiah 59:7 – International Children’s Bible).

23) We accuse others falsely and cause trouble (Isaiah 59:4 – International Children’s Bible).

24) We use our hands to hurt others (Isaiah 59:6 – International Children’s Bible).

25) We think evil thoughts (Isaiah 59:7 – International Children’s Bible).

26) We don’t know what it means to be just and good (Isaiah 59:8 – New Living Translation).

27) We map out crooked roads (Isaiah 59:8 – New Living Translation).

28) We don’t know the way of peace (Isaiah 59:8 – World English Bible).

29) There is no justice in our ways (Isaiah 59:8 – World English Bible).

30) We don’t know how to live in peace (Isaiah 59:8 – Easy-to-Read Version).

31) We don’t to do what is right and fair (Isaiah 59:8 – Easy-to-Read Version).

32) We are crooked (Isaiah 59:8 – Easy-to-Read Version).

33) Our sins are piled up before God (Isaiah 59:12 – New Living Translation).

34) We disobey God (Isaiah 59:13 – International Children’s Bible).

35) We conceive and utter lies in our hearts (Isaiah 59:13 – GOD’S WORD Translation).

36) We don’t follow our God (Isaiah 59:13 – The Message).

37) We oppress others (Isaiah 59:13 – Good News Translation).

38) Our hearts are deceitful (Isaiah 59:13 – Contemporary English Version).

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